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Illustration From Oratoria Issue 01 : New Beginnings


Andréa Acker

"Girlfriends" is an empowering visual commentary on what happens when women support each other.  It's a plea to women all over the world to stick together and reach out to one another, genuinely sharing their strength and inspiring each other with the purpose of reviving the ancient matriarcal societies ideals. ⚫

Andréa Acker
Andréa is a visual artivist from Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. Her artworks act as political, historical, socioeconomic and ecological commentaries.
Andréa is highly inspired by the Surrealist movement, the symbolism found in the Neolithic period artifacts and the indigenous and tribal arts. The artist holds a degree in Fashion Design, so both the design and the fashion aspects can be identified in her work.

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