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Poetry From Oratoria Issue 01 : New Beginnings


Feby Joseph


That’s how you found me.
Standing alone whilst all about me the world
Was running away from the rain.

Taking cover, while I stood there
Looking at you.

Looking at you.
Looking at me looking
At you.
I was back in the same old city again.

The same old place where I tumbled
Into promises again –
Into pain; into love.

And so, there, you found me
Standing in the rain
With you in my eyes.
That’s why I cast my eyes to the ground when you came near.

You came to me –
Shared the left half of your umbrella.
And I walked my half-drenched body
Beside you for an eternity.

The rain was eternal.
So was the walk.
Maybe that’s why my heart tumbled
To the right side where you warmed me.

But I also remembered yesterday’s pain.
I had not forgotten the last time I was here
How my words echoed in the hollow winds.
And before that,
And before that...

So, I kept my eyes to the ground
Lest they mistake your kindness for affection.
For nothing would hurt me more
That your affection budding from your kindness.
I have that memory!

And so, I walked that brief eternity beside you.
Foolishly warming my right half.
My soaked left never letting me forget.
That once this road reached a bend
You would keep on walking

I’d still be standing here
Looking at you
In the rain. ⚫

Feby Joseph

An Indian by nationality, the poet is currently working in Saudi Arabia. It's a combination of social issues and personal that colour his works. He believes that all our problems are the same and that no one can claim a moral high ground because our backyards are all littered with corpses - both Human and Trees.

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